Todd Johnson

I have worked at Micron for 18 years as a Test Engineer. Prior to Micron I was a Mathematics/Computer Applications teacher for 8 years. My oldest son Boden joined the team as a freshman (2014) and stayed with the team all 4 of his high school years. My son Taesh joined the team this year as freshman. Last year was my first year as a mentor and I help out where needed. I enjoy working with Bullbots and FIRST; it's great seeing our youth working together as a team to problem solve by using and learning STEM related skills.

Dean Klein

This is my 13th year of involvement with FIRST Robotics and the BullBots. I started when my son was on the team, and enjoy it too much to leave! I am an electrical engineer and recently retired from a great career at Micron. Being a mentor on the team allows me to use all branches of engineering: Electrical, mechanical, software development and more. I love the experience FRC gives the students. It's just like real engineering - deadlines and all. I am also a robot inspector at the Utah Regional and the lead robot inspector at the Idaho Regional. It's really fun to interact with the different teams as I inspect their unique robot creations!

Steve Vreeland

Cortis Clark

I watched enviously from the sidelines during the 2017 season as the Bullbots and my son Phoenix competed in FRC. I decided I couldn’t let you guys have all of the fun, and started as a mentor during the 2018 season. I currently write apps and games for iPhone / iPad for my company “Save The Machine”. I used to work at Apple on Siri in their advanced technology group. I have a masters degree from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Artificial Intelligence. Back in the day (1998), I led our team to second place, in a fully automated robot race at CMU losing to the first place team by only 1 second.

Crystal Robison

After my daughter joined the team, I was impressed with the things the team did. They were using their brains and creativity to build robots and bringing awareness in the community about robotics. I decided to help out and I have had a blast. I first helped mostly working with the Chairman's team and the business side of things, but as I got to know the team members more I couldn't help cheering on their successes and rallying around them because of their losses. This is my sixth year as a mentor for the Bullbots team and I enjoy it very much because I always end up laughing a lot.

Kara Hetherington

Boden Johnson

I started on the team my freshman year. The team really helped me to grow learning to work with others as a team. For my High School Career I was on the team all four years. I really enjoyed being on the Bullbots and learning about business and how the team worked as a part of the community. I am back for my fifth year on the team, this year as a mentor and am excited to work with my friends as well as the new students for this years season.

Kanin W.

Crystal Johnson

Warren Parsons

Lee Coulson

Mike Lydon

Egan Schafer


Jim Jonas

Troy Manning

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