Dean Klein

This is my 13th year of involvement with FIRST Robotics and the BullBots. I started when my son was on the team, and enjoy it too much to leave! I am an electrical engineer and recently retired from a great career at Micron. Being a mentor on the team allows me to use all branches of engineering: Electrical, mechanical, software development and more. I love the experience FRC gives the students. It's just like real engineering - deadlines and all. I am also a robot inspector at the Utah Regional and the lead robot inspector at the Idaho Regional. It's really fun to interact with the different teams as I inspect their unique robot creations!

Crystal Robison

After my daughter joined the team, I was impressed with the things the team did. They were using their brains and creativity to build robots and bringing awareness in the community about robotics. I decided to help out and I have had a blast. I first helped mostly working with the Chairman's team and the business side of things, but as I got to know the team members more I couldn't help cheering on their successes and rallying around them because of their losses. This is my sixth year as a mentor for the Bullbots team and I enjoy it very much because I always end up laughing a lot.

Crystal Johnson

Lee Coulson

Warren Parsons

Mike Lydon

Jordan Robison

Jim Jonas

Dustin Bryant

Carl Fee

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