2008 Alumni

Michael Barnes

Brian Schlofman

Tanner Boice

Nicholas Reedy

Morgan Harding

Jordan Chess

Jordan Cavazos

Grayson Truden

2009 Alumni

Joshua Fortin

Jarret Bray

2010 Alumni

Cody Simons

James Shawver

Mike Scott

Emily Moes

Daniel Burget – Hewlett Packard

2011 Alumni

Jordan Schmidt

Zach Steiner

2012 Alumni

Eric Anderson-   BYU-Rexburg

Kyle Caprai- Joined The U.S. Navy

Tyler Hendrickson

Reilly Scott

Porter Henze- BYU Provo studying engineering

Skyler Hopkins- College Of Idaho studying psychology

Clay Jones-  Studying computer science at CalTech

Alexander Niver- BYU-Rexburg

Justin Rueb- Rochester Institute of Technology, Industrial and Systems Engineering

2013 Alumni

Derik Jensen-  Delayed

Ryan Franz- University of Idaho

Haleigh Sims-Douglas – University of Idaho

Audrey Martinez – University of Idaho-Agricultural Engineering

Erik Esson – University of Idaho

Taylor Topham- Delayed

Kierra Funderburg – University of Idaho – Electrical Engineering

Dustin Barton – Lewis Clark State College

Erik Ersland – MIT- Engineering

Alex Coulson- USU Eastern – Architecture

Steven Hofer- South Dakota- Engineering

Reed Petersen

Tim Sturmak

Austin Davis

2014 Alumni

Alex Wood

Michelle Nuttall – BYU Physics

Kathrine Jensen – BYU Accounting

Clay Kuznia – BSU Computer Science

Cody Vreeland

Robin Jerman – South Dakota School of Mines

2015 Alumni

Cameron Williams

Patricia Nuttall

Ivan Albert

Bailey Thurston

Hunter Gregg

2016 Alumni

Sarah Moore

Sam Beets

Colin Parke

Tyler Manning

Zach Downey

Josh Taylor

Braden Castleton

2017 Alumni

Samantha Lindsey

Boden Johnson

Sever Gilbertson

2018 Alumni

Brock Martinez  – Wichita State

Carsten Nokleby  – Enbry-Riddle

Egan Schafer

Josh Hetherington – Boise State University

Soon to be 2019 Alumni

Lexi Chavez – Boise State University

Garett Vreeland – Collage of Western Idaho

Brennen Coulson

Amber Robinson – NCAD

James Hill

Tiffany Jensen

Jared Smith

Jordan Manning

2 thoughts on “Alumni

  1. Hey guys its Alexander Coulson hope things are going well like the new website if you want you can change my thing from delayed to is at USU Eastern preparing to study architecture also is mentoring a team in vex robotics. I have awesome memories of this team it changed my life hope you guys are having similar experiences

  2. Alex, thank you for letting us know, I have changed it. Sorry for the delay, we have been busy lately. We wish the best of luck to you in your studies!

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