Welcome to Bullbots’s Team 1891!


The Bullbots were the first established team in the Treasure Valley of Boise, ID. We have helped branch out to many other students to create our neighboring teams. We were started in 2006 with the help of Micron and other sponsors. We have sought to promote FIRST values and invite more students to participate in FIRST. We have attended the local BSU Stem Day throughout our history to promote our team, FIRST and interest in STEM. Other community involvements vary from Boy Scouts, Demonstrations, Large Service Programs and First Lego League Camps. We hope to encourage more STEM interest and community growth through our efforts.

About Our Team


Our mentors are a large part of our team, driving our students to think and create. They are always there to provide critical feedback and teach us a new program or area. The mentors of the Bullbots are some of the best we know, we are thrilled to have them!

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Our team is comprised of many schools around the Treasure Valley of Idaho. We take anyone who wants to join and has a interest in robotics and business. We also love to reach out a hand towards the community and demo our robots to engage the younger generation.

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Each year we have six weeks to build a singular robot to perform tasks on a field of play during competition. You work in a team environment and meet many people with the same interests around the world, even learn to build, program and code. See our directory of robots:

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We pride ourselves on building a fantastic robot, but we also know when to have fun. We have built a T-Shirt cannon robot, and we always enjoy our competition trip. Our end of year party is also a large event where we recap the season and let loose.

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