2024 - Crescendo

Bothoven - Current

2023 - Charged Up

Rafiki - Recycled

2022 - Rapid React

Clampy - Recycled

2020-2021- Infinite Recharge

Walter -Recycled

Our 2020 robot and 2021 at home games robot as well, it can move and shoot five balls.

2018 - FIRST Power Up

Unser Wagon - Recycled

Unser Wagon is German for "Our Wagon", named this because the robot features a long shopping cart-like handle that allows other robots to hook onto the back. Unser Wagon has been to a finals and a semi finals match and preformed over 4 double climbs.

2018 - T-Shirt Cannon

Amaterasu - Recycled

Amaterasu has been the dream of the team since the beginning. Before our 2018 Season began, we built Amaterasu to encourage more young engineers to join the Bullbots. It has bright blue and green LED's and speakers for style points. Also, it is extremely fun to shoot empty Gatorade bottles.

2017 - FIRST Steamworks

Skybound - Retired

Skybound excels in collecting gears and running them to the airship. Skybound also has a special climber that can latch onto any rope. It features a saw-blade on a mini-sim motor, which allows the robot to climb, but prevents the robot from slipping off the rope. The saw-blade mechanism that Skybound used to climb the rope won the Creativity award. Skybound is one of our smaller robots, weighing in at only 86 lbs. Skybound is happily active and frequently used for demos.

2016 - FIRST Stronghold

Minotaur - Retired

Minotaur had a tank drive with a set of 10 wheels. It was able to easily climb over rocky surfaces and was quick at shooting boulders into the top of the tower. Minotaur gained a representation as a brute and "John Cena" as it ran a team member over as a prototype. Minotaur used pneumatics to push the boulder to the end of the shoot where wheels moved upwards to aim higher. The intake of boulders used the same parts as the shooter, moving downwards and reversing the intake.

2015 - FIRST Recycle Rush

Absolute Trash - Scrapped

We don't talk about Recycle Rush.

2013 - FIRST Ultimate Ascent

Valkyrie - Retired

Valkyrie is a champion among our bots. One of few robots that was able to climb up to the third tier on the Ultimate Ascent pyramid. It used a piston arm to latch onto the top tier and then used the same piston to climb. Valkyrie reached Rank 7, with a record of 11-5-0. It won the Regional Finalists Award as well as the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors.

2011 - Logomotion

Apis - Scrapped

A very unique robot for a very unique game. It lifted inflated tubes to create the FIRST logo. We also had a very small "Mini bot" to accompany Aeris. One of the only robots getting us to Nationals with a Chairmans Award.