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After Lego Robotics Camp a lot of parents are going to hear that their child wants a Lego Mindstorm!

Summer Lego Camp

Come join our Lego robotics camp this summer. Click here for details. 

A great time at the 2017 Utah Regionals!

Fun in Utah and excited for the start of the Boise Regional tomorrow!

Meet “Skybound”

Meet “Skybound” our 2017 Stemworks Robot!

A New Friend…

On the last full build day, we had a friend drop by and take a look at our progress on the robot!




Last Saturday, the Bullbots, along with a few other local teams, went to a demonstration for STEM Day. It was a lot of fun and we were able to show many people our robots and they were impressed. Demos like these always do a great job at getting the word out about Science and Technology and the Bullbots are always looking forward to do more of these.

FIRST Sronghold Autodesk Inventor Parts

Are you struggling with 3D modeling the new field for the FRIST Stronghold? No Problem! We have uploaded the parts to a Google Drive folder that you can access, and download the files by clicking the link below!

Click here to access files.


STEM MATTERS Campaign Kickoff

We are excited to announce the STEM MATTERS Campaign Kickoff that will take place at the Idaho State Capitol Building this Saturday from 11:00 AM-2:00 PM. There will be some FRC Teams there to show off their robots at this exciting event! Hope to see you all there!



A New Season

The Bullbots are ready to go for the new challenge announced Saturday at the FRC Kickoff! This year’s challenge is called FIRST Stronghold. It is based on castle defense and will require a lot of defense and offense as well.

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Welcome to the new site!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new site! This site is dedicated to help you better navigate and find what you need from us!, let alone learn more about the Bullbots as well! We hope you enjoy it!